About me

Hi dear ! i am ebrahim khakdel, i'm an artist and web developer . This is my official page and in my blog which is all about creating and sharing stuff for developing websites. i have been working with website and database design and development for the past 8 years. I achieved my BS degree in design from razi university of iran - ardabil , and my master's degree Information technology with the concentration on information and database management systems from technical university of azad islamic . I've worked for various agencies (especially as a web/UI designer , developer and graphic designer ) . Being primarily a database engineer, I am highly experienced and qualified in many other fields such as designing and developing websites with different technologies and platforms, designing logos and other brand identity products, and marketing. I am absolutely passionate about my profession and love communicating with people. as a freelancer, I work online and can reach you anytime anywhere. guaranteed deliverance of a high quality and standardized service, you will not regret visiting Coral Web Services.

My services include: (click on each one for details)
- Responsive web design
- Database development
- Web application
- Brand identity design
- graphic design

Besides designing and coding, I love doing blogging, photography and sightseeing. In order to know more about me,you can contact with me from my contact page . If you are looking for a fully qualified web and database developer, you have come to the right place. Please contact me . It is my utmost pleasure to work with you.